Electrical Control Equipment
All hoist units are supplied with electrical switch
gear & control panel. Switch gear includes for direct on line starting and fitted with local operating push buttons, emergency stop and main isolator. The electrical switch gear is housed within a standard cabinet, mounted on board the hoist frame, or alternately can be wall mounted local to the hoist. Control panel for single hoists comprise of a standard set of non latching up/down (surface mounted) push buttons with emergency stop. The option for a pendant control is also available.

For multiple hoists it may be preferred (Optional for ease of installation), one electrical switch gear cabinet can be supplied, to contain all switch gear for the number of hoists installed. The cabinet can be located remote from the hoists. With this option, individual hoist isolators are provided for site installation local to each hoist. Control panel for multiple hoists comprise of a bespoke wall mount (surface mounted) panel, with key switch, emergency stop, and up/down push buttons. The panel would be clearly labelled to suit the number of hoists. Alternative control options are available on request.


Hoist Selector Panel
Standard Push Button Panel
Back Camera


Soft Start Option
Control Box white
The hoist units run relatively slow therefore any jerk or snatch on start up/stop is minimal. Where there is a requirement for a very smooth operating facility, the Soft Start option is recommended, the facility provides slow acceleration on start up and deceleration on stop with a very smooth operating facility. This option is particularly beneficial where loading onto structures is restricted as the facility will reduce shock load on the structure to which the equipment is installed.

For multiple hoists, a single soft start (inverter) can be patched over several hoists (if preferred) to reduce cost. Note – patching is selected via the control panel and does restrict the operation to one hoist at any one time. A wander lead with hand held pendant control is also available (optional) that can be used in conjunction with the main control panel.