Pilewind Electric Hoists
A standard range of wire rope hoists,
designed for lifting loads of 250 – 1300Kg. Multiple wire rope
suspensions, 3 – 6 line with a Pilewind drum sized to suit the
stated travel. The hoists have various mounting options with
fitted working and ultimate limits switches. The hoists are
designed for permanent installations.
See typical applications

Standard hoists shall comprise of:

  • C IE standardized 3-phase motor with Failsafe d c Brake, capable of arresting 200% of the motor torque capacity

  • Secondary brake (twin brake motor) – Optional

  • Helical worm statically irreversible gearbox (worm gear pair load capacity and efficiency to BS 721-83 integrated with ISO/CD 14521

  • Gearbox design factor: 1.72 – 2.75 (selection dependant)

  • Manual Brake release with automatic return More..

    Each hoist motor is fitted with a manual brake release mechanism that allows the unit to be operated by hand. The facility is mainly to assist with the installation and shall allow rotation of the drum assembly prior to the hoist being electrically powered. This is achieved by releasing the brake and with the use of an Allen key to rotate the drum, (Allen key not normally supplied). This is a very slow way of manually operating the hoist and should not be confused with a typical hand winch mechanism.

    Twin Brakes Back Camera

  • Fabricated base frame for various mounting options More..

    Mounting position for hoists can be Floor/Grid,
    Ceiling or Wall mount, generally as shown. Please advise at the time of order what mount option is required, we can then ensure the correct orientation of guard, electrical cabinet and oil levels are provided.

    Mounting Options DRG
  • Working top/bottom and ultimate limit switches More..

    Rotary limits for, top and bottom (working) and ultimate switches are mounted on each unit, chain driven to govern the extent of travel required. The limits are easily adjustable and should be set and tested on installation.

  • Zinc plated Pile wind drum assembly for 3-6 wire ropes

  • Guarding to limit switch drive. Alternate Full guarding – Optional More..

    Standard guarding to chain limit drive mechanism is provided. Alternatively a full protective guard is available, (priced separately).

    A full guard is often required, although this can be subject to the hoist location and operating conditions.

    Guards are made from sheet steel and fully enclose the gearbox, drum assembly and limit switches. Guards are removable and have cut outs to allow for wire rope entry.

    1 3 Guard White Chain Guard white
  • Fixed operating speed More..

    The operating speed of hoists is a fixed speed, calculated from the motor RPM output. The actual speed of operation shall vary (slightly) over the extent of the travel used. The speed indicated for each hoist is calculated as the Average speed of operation, assuming the full extent of travel is used. See Hoist Selection for fixed speed on standard hoists.

  • Electrical – direct on line start switch gear. Variable speed/soft start – Optional

  • Remote up/down and emergency stop control panel. Pendant control – Optional

  • Wire ropes available (priced separately) and pre fitted to host drum.

  • Overload sensing via additional pulley or Head pulley – Optional

  • Head pulleys and suspension pulleys available to suit specific wire rope diameter

  • BS/CE Compliance

  • Large choice for standard Hoist Selection

  • Other options see Bespoke Hoists

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Motor selection is based on running conditions to those applied for the raising & lowering of theatre equipment, e.g. stage lighting, curtains, grids, trussing, projection screens, speaker clusters etc. Generally defined as rigging hoists where the load remains static when raised. The standard hoists are not designed for applications, where high speed flying is required, the raising or lowering of people, moving load above people or where continuous running conditions apply.

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