Worm gear Hoists of cast iron construction with the gears enclosed in an oil-bath Enclosed construction. Self- locking automatic friction type brake ensuring load and operator safety. A hardened worm shaft gives prolonged operating life. Adjustable crank radius.
Options: Extended drums Multi compartment drums Grooved drums Alternative mounting positions are possible with the use of a grease lubrication kit.

*250, 500 & 750 Kg Lifting capacity based on the recomended wire rope (sized) with a nominal factor of safety of 5:1. For theatre applications an 8:1 factor of safety on wire ropes is generally required. For the application and required factor of safety required see table below.

WB Drg
WB  Table Dims

Note. Prior to wire rope selection, consider the rope construction for flexibility and verify that the MBL (minimum braking load) of the rope (for single rope attachment) equates to and provides the required factor of safety for the application.