Wire Ropes (For Pilewind Hoists)

Wire ropes for all hoists are available and are priced
separately. All wire ropes can be cut to selected lengths and pre assembled to the hoist drum. Wire ropes are galvanised with steel core construction and have certified (High) Minimum Breaking Loads (MBL) providing a factor of safety of 10:1 minimum.

The factor of safety for wire ropes is subject to the number of ropes used and how the load is distributed. Based on a uniformly distributed load, a minimum factor of 10:1 is maintained. Individual ropes are sized to sustain up to 40% of the WLL, still maintaining a factor of 10:1. Typically on a 3 line suspension bar, the centre line shall sustain up to 70% of the WLL and still have a minimum safety factor of 10:1.

For wire rope terminations we recommend wedge socket fittings be used or alternative fitting with a similar efficiency rating.

When calculating cut lengths of wire rope it is important to ensure that they are all of adequate length. For simplicity, lengths can be cut all the same length (e.g. all as the longest required length) or if preferred, each length can be cut to specific lengths and assembled to the drum as per instructed.

When calculating the length of wire ropes for pilewind hoists, ensure to make allowance for wire rope end terminations, also ‘dead’ turns of wire rope on the drum. Wire ropes are fitted to Pilewind drum assemblies prior to despatch.

Please contact us should you have any other specific or general rope requirements, slings, assemblies , fibre ropes, hemp ropes, terminations or testing.