Aluminium trussing is available in 3 specific types, Ladder, Triangular or Box type and can be made up to suit the required length. Complete lengths are supplied with spigot and pin connections.

Standard trussing comprises of 50mm diameter x 2mm wall aluminium tubing with 16mm diameter brace tubing and dimensioned as below. Larger size trussing is available on request.

Selection is based upon the loads and fixing span between line suspensions in conjunction with the preferred appearance that may be required.

Trussing is finished in natural aluminium or can be to specific colour if required.

Truss Parcan drg
Milos Ladder
Ladder Truss
Milos Tri
Triangular Truss
Milos Box6
Box Truss
Trussing can be configured to various shapes or complete grid structures with corner sections and additional brace sections as required, see accessory list here
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      Trussing 8 Trussing 2 Trussing and chain hoist 2
      Trussing 3