Pulley Details

Pulleys are manufactured and assembled to suit specific wire rope diameter and lifting load capacity. Pulleys are made up from nylatron (ideal for wire rope life) with mild steel side plates, spacer bolts for retaining wire rope within pulley grooves and sealed bearings. Pulleys can be supplied with or without mounting clamps.

The diameter of pulleys equate to 25 times the wire rope diameter for which it is designed for. All pulleys are profile grooved to suit the wire rope diameter and are available as single or multi grooved for up to 6 wire ropes.

For both Grid/Wall fixing & Girder fixing type pulleys, mounting or fixing angles are manufactured to suit specific requirements, e.g. the size of girder/flange or grid channels to which the pulley is to be fixed to. Pulleys are also available Without Mounting Angles where the pulleys can be adapted and bolted to alternate angles or fixings supplied by others.

Pulleys are particularly designed for the use with Pilewind hoists as attached details. Multi way groove pitch shall match that of the pile wind drum assembly, achieving zero fleet angle between the drum and head pulley.

Lifting load capacity for pulleys vary from 200 – 1300 Kg. Pulleys are designed for the potential maximum lifting load or WLL (Working Load Limit), that is also limited to the maximum potential load for the wire rope used.

Pulleys are particularly designed for use with Stage hoists and wire ropes as details attached, although pulleys can be used for various other applications where similar high lifting loads apply.

Pulleys can be used in applications where the loading on the pulley can vary significantly, this being subject to the angle of wire rope where it enters and exits the pulley (known as the angle of deflection). The resultant load being the load applied to the pulley and also to the structure to which the pulley is secured to.