Bespoke Hoists

Bespoke hoists are available and can be designed to suit specific requirements not covered for within the standard range of hoists. Various options can be priced for separately.


Typical variations may include:

 Bespoke Hoist variable speed

    • Alternate speed or travel
    • Dead working limits
    • Variable speed control
    • Soft Start/Soft Stop facility
    • Additional or less number of wire rope lines
    • Alternate mounting positions
    • Overload Protection (Head pulley overload)
    • Slack Wire Rope Detection
    • Twin Brake Motors or Load side Brakes
    • Alternate Control Options


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         2                Pendant              non standard control
  • Installation Gallery
    • Bespoke Hoist Installation Gallery – Click on images to enlarge

      installation_content_big6 Bespoke Hoists 1 Bespoke Hoists 2 and electric Pile wind