Other Wire Rope Hoists

SLS can provide alternate wire rope hoists other than the in house Multi Compartment Drummanufactured Pilewind type. Some of which may include Helical grooved drums or plain barrel drums.

Electrically or manually operated can be supplied as required.
SLS have access through leading manufacturers/distributors to most industry standard products and can offer competitive products to suit individual requirements.

The equipment can be supplied or supplied and installed through to testing, inspection and further maintenance requirements.

Please feel free to contact us without obligation to discuss your specific requirements.

Manual (Wire Rope) WB Type Hoist


Standard manual hoist, Wall mounting, 250, 500 or 750 Kg lifting capacity.

Used extensively for the raising and lowering of stage lighting barrels within theatre and educational venues. Typically with multil line suspension and clew plate with single or 2 line rope attachment to the hoist drum.


Manual (Wire Rope) WB Type Hoist (Extra Safety Features)

Manual hoist, Wall mounting, 250, 450 or 600 Kg lifting capacity.

Ideal for single line rope attachment for moving load above people. where the required travel is minimal.


Manual Wire Rope Hoist LAMBDA (Extra Safety Features)

Strong, durable hoist designed specially for safely moving loads above people. Conforms to German Safety Standard BGV C1 and is ideal for use in theatres and studios.


Electric Wire Rope Hoist BETA (Extra Safety Features)
Beta C1 2Hoist
Beta C1 Hoist - Multi Compartment Drum1

Electro wire rope winch corresponding to BGV C1 (VBG 70) which is specially designed for fixed installations on stages and studios.

Equipped with two independent working disk brakes and 12:1 safety factor of the applicable steel rope – related to the arithmetical breaking strength. Electronic overload protection, gear definition for doubled nominal load, a grooved drum (for single-layer winding) and a special gear limit switch with limitation switch as well as an emergency limit switch are delivered as standard.


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