Powered Flying Hoists
Powered Flying 1

Powered flying systems are becoming increasing favourable throughout Europe and the UK.

Whilst conventional counterweight sets have been used for many years, powered flying has been the users preference for many obvious reasons. With today’s technology and in the interest of current health and safety requirements combined with the increased demand for automated control, more and more venues (particularly new venues) are leaning towards and pursuing the alternative option of powered flying.

Stage Lifting Services are pleased to offer specific hoists to suit the requirement for conventional powered flying sets for theatre or multi purpose venues where typically counterweight sets would have normally been installed.

Generally made to specific requirements although the following selection is of a standard design:

Powered Flying 2
  • 400 Kg. or 650 Kg. load capacity
  • Twin brake motors
  • 3 – 6 suspension lines
  • 15 metre travel
  • Overload detection
  • Slack wire rope detection
  • 1.2 metre per second operational speed
  • Variable Speed
  • Helical drum with zero fleet angle
  • Vertical wall mount or horizontal grid mount
  • Automated control option
  • Installation Gallery
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